Heartsaver First Aid

The American Heart Association’s Heartsaver First Aid courses effectively deliver the most comprehensive first aid training in the industry, produced by the trusted leader in first aid and resuscitation. When it comes to first aid training, we’ve got you covered. You will learn the following: First aid basics, Medical emergencies, Injury emergencies, Environmental emergencies. First Aid instruction includes bandaging, bleeding, wounds, choking, shock, seizure, fainting, broken bones, sprains, burns, bites, stings, poison, and temperature-related conditions, to name a few.

The Heartsaver First Aid course provides first responders with training in basic first-aid procedures — including the first-aid skills recommended by OSHA — in a format that can be delivered in a single day. The course covers:
  • First Aid Basics
  • Medical Emergencies Injury Emergencies
  • Environmental Emergencies

The Heartsaver First Aid course is intended for all individuals who have a duty to respond to a first aid emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements, including:
  • Security and Airline Personnel
  • Camp Counselors
  • Police and Firefighters
  • Teachers and Day-Care Workers
  • Aerobics Teachers/Physical-Fitness Trainers, and
  • Other individuals who want or need first-aid training

The instructor-led course is approximately 2 to 3 hours, with skills proficiency evaluated by an American Heart Association instructor or skills evaluator during the course.

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